Welcome to the updated Dream to Learn

We are busy working on a new layout and new functionality.
We hope you like it.

Dream to Learn brings people together around a shared dream or goal. Today's student may be tomorrow's teacher. Distant dreams can become reality when kindred spirits share a goal and support each other.

We wil be introducing new features and functionality we hope will inspire, make it easier to create and share content, enable new connections and make it easy follow content and people that interest you.

What's New


We will introduce a new Dream to Learn feature called Kindreds which will replace communities. Kindreds are created when two or more people make a connection around a shared dream. Kindred spirits connect with each other to pursue education, development, goals and personal growth.

A Dream to Learn Kindred is connection. A relationship. It is people sharing. Sharing dreams, aspirations, and knowledge.

Member Profiles

We are working on member profiles to make it easier to create and share content and to build connections with other Dream to Learn members.

Follow & Recommend

Following content will be even easier and the option to "Recommend" people and content will help build your connections. All of your Colleagues, Followers & Recommendations will be rolled into your member profile for easy access.