Dream to Learn is shutting down...

We are very sorry to say that Dream to Learn will be shutting down as of December 28th, 2019. If you have content that you wish to keep, you should make a copy of it before that date.

Welcome to Dream to Learn!

Dream to Learn is a social network for people who want to learn and grow, sharing their progress with one another. There are inspiring stories to find and follow here of how others have achieved their goals or are on a path towards doing so. If you want the benefit of learning alongside others then you can join a network or form a kindred of fellow learners, and if what you are seeking is explicit guidance then you can find a coach here.

There is a place here to document your journey through building up your profile page, posting to a blog, setting goals and articulating your dreams. Keeping tabs on your own development and encouraging others on their own journey of learning.

To get started, you can explore recent content posted to:

The Dream to Learn manifesto

We want authentic relationships based on who we are

  • we need others to recognize and appreciate us as we are, not through an inauthentic, idealised image we project
  • we want to participate actively with others; passively consuming their successes and failures is unsatisfying

Everyone is a student and a teacher

  • everyone has experiences that others can learn from
  • the top-down model of "formal" education is wrong, and simply moving this model online changes little
  • learning works best when it happens with, and with the support of, others

Learning works best in interaction with others

  • learning is most effective when it includes personal interaction with other people
  • this interaction is most effective in-person, but virtual video interaction is effective as well

Knowledge is a process

  • Too much of our world follows the "encyclopedia" model of knowledge -- we look for the single definitive truth on a subject
  • In fact, how you get to the truth, the stories of peoples' journeys toward it, are more important and more instructive

Your content is your own

  • Each of us should have absolute control over who can see what we write and publish
  • It should always be obvious and clear what is shared with whom

Selling advertising is the wrong business model

  • advertising-based business models for social media necessarily distract users from what they really want to be doing, and rightly cause users to mistrust what platforms are doing with their personal information
  • We are happy to pay directly the individuals who help us learn and grow -- our ski instructors, our yoga teachers, and our therapists. In future, Dream to Learn will take a small cut of such payments for users who choose to pay for such services through Dream to Learn