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Transparency is a fundamental Dream to Learn value.  Not only can you control who can and cannot see your profile and your content, but you can also easily see who is in fact viewing you and your content.

You can see a current summary of your 'views' in the rightmost panel of all content you author, as well as in the statistics panel at the bottom of your dashboard.  

Then you can drill-down to see a more detailed breakdown by members, guests and robots ('robots' are mostly search engines crawling your pages).  Here's a real stats breakdown for a user profile:

The ring at the right is "referrers" -- the websites where your traffic came from.  

You can also see views broken down by day over the last seven days.  Here's an example for a blog:

For blogs in particular you can drill down to the level of individual posts, again looking at total views and also views over the last 7 days.  Here's an example:


Some notes on how we track views

  1. We don't include your own views of your content -- only views by other users and guests.  For content that has multiple owners (for example, content in your shared colleague library), we don't include views by any of the owners.


The fact that we don't include your own views gives you an easy way to verify that private content (content that only you and the other content owners can view) is in fact private:  views for this content should always be zero, since only the owners have permission to see it.  Of course, as I discussed in the previous post, we are also continually test to verify that permissions are being respected.

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