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Dream to Learn users receive notifications by e-mail.  This document describes how the different notifications work, and how you can manage them.  You can change the frequency of notifications to suit your own preferences, including turning them off completely if you wish.

Chat notifications

In Dream to Learn, you can receive chat messages from your colleagues, and also from your kindreds.  If you see the message because you're online and in the room, you won't get any notifications.  But if you miss the chat because you're offline or not in the room, then by default you'll get an e-mail notification with the chat message, including a link to the particular chat room so you can continue the conversation if you wish.

Normally, you'll get the notification within about ten minutes.  We wait ten minutes so that if someone is sending you several messages at once, you'll get just one notification, rather than several.  

If you don't want to receive these chat notifications, click on "settings" in the left navigation menu, then under "Notification Settings", uncheck the box for Send me e-mail copies of "chat messages that I miss from other users".  If you turn off these notifications, you can check for missing chat the next time you login by looking to see if there is a red lightning bolt on the "collaborate" icon in the left navigation bar, and clicking on the "collaborate" icon will give you your most recent chat conversations.

Activity feed notifications

Your activity feed contains events from people and content you are following.  For example, when a colleague posts a new blog post, you'll see a new entry in your activity feed with an excerpt of the post, and a link to the post itself.

If you're online to see the entry in your activity feed, you won't get a notification.  But if you miss events in your activity feed, by default you'll eventually get an e-mail notification.  Because we don't want to spam you with too many notifications, if you're not active on Dream to Learn, these notifications will taper off and soon stop, until you login to Dream to Learn again.

You control the frequency of these activity feed notifications from your settings, under the heading "How quickly do you want e-mail updates when there's something new in your activity feed?".  By default, you'll get a notification within about half a day when there are new events, but you can change this.  If you want to be notified quickly, choose "within about an hour".  If you prefer to get less frequent e-mails, then pick longer periods.  Of course, you'll only get notifications when there are new events in your feed.

You can also turn this notification off entirely, by choosing the "don't send me any email updates" option.  If you do this, you'll still be able to see if there are new events in your activity feed the next time you login.  If there are new events, there will be a red lightning bolt on top of your feed icon in the left navigation menu, and clicking on your feed will show you those events.

As mentioned above, if you don't log in to Dream to Learn, we reduce the frequency of these e-mails.  You'll notice this because the activity feed notification e-mails will say, "Because you haven't logged in to Dream to Learn in a while, we've reduced the frequency of these e-mails."  The last such email will say, "Because you haven't logged in to Dream to Learn in a while, this is the last update e-mail we'll send you until you log in again."  If for some reason you don't want the frequency of these emails to reduce (perhaps you're going on holiday, with access only to e-mail, and still want regular feed updates), then you can uncheck the option in your settings "Reduce e-mail frequency when I'm away".  Most users will want to leave this checked.

Copies of notes from other users

When another user (usually a colleague) sends you a longer note on Dream to Learn, you'll get an e-mail copy of this note immediately.  If you'd prefer not to get an e-mail copy, just uncheck the option in your settings to receive email copies of "Notes from other users".  If you do this, you'll still be able to see that there are notes you haven't read, because there will be a red lightning bolt on the 'collaborate' icon in the left navigation the next time you log in.  

You can always read your notes under the "Notes" tab of your collaboration center (accessible from the collaboration icon in the left navigation).

Meeting reminders

When you schedule a meeting with another user, by default you'll an immediate notification of the meeting, and then two subsequent e-mail reminders -- one 24 hours before the meeting, and the second 15 minutes before the meeting.  You can turn off one or both of these reminders by unchecking the appropriate boxes under the "When I agree to a meeting" heading in your notifications.

Your weekly kindred report

If you belong to any kindreds, and have been active within about the past month, you'll receive a weekly email with the status of your kindreds.  You can turn this report off by unchecking the option to receive e-mail copies of "My weekly kindred report".


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