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I'm very excited to announce a new set of features around "presence" for colleagues.  When you are logged in to Dream to Learn, you can now see which of your colleagues are online.  If a colleague is online, you can send him or her instant messages.  The architecture is clever enough to be able to handle the intermittent connectivity of HTTP pages (under the covers, a new websocket connection is established for each page you visit).

The presence feature tries to provide a useful level of presence, without being distracting.  In Dream to Learn chat rooms, you can see if a user is typing.  You can't see that for colleagues who are online, because we want the communication to be slightly less than completely real time (so colleagues can do other things while also talking to one another).  In addition, the "idle" detector is intentionally not extremely accurate.  If you're not active, then your state for your colleagues will go to "idle" within about 2 to 3 minutes, and when you become active again, you'll drop out of the idle state within 1 to 2 minutes.  Again, this is by design -- we want people to know when their colleagues are online, while removing the possibility of obsessing over exact timing (for an entertaining Epipheo.TV video on the consequences of being constantly distracted, see https://dreamtolearn.com/users/chris/ephipheo-distraction)

So how do you choose your colleagues in Dream to Learn?  Easy -- click on a user to go their profile.  Under "colleague?" you'll see "no".  click on "invite", and send the colleague invitation.  As soon as the user accepts the invitation, you'll be colleagues.

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