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A DOCC is a "distributed open collaborative course", as opposed to a MOOC, or "massive open online course."   What's interesting to me is the focus on collaboration:

Alexandra Juhasz, a professor of media studies at Pitzer  who is the other co-facilitator of the DOCC, said via e-mail that "our DOCC is built to value situated experience and emphasis, and to share authority and responsibility rather than the MOOC's top-down, one size fits all, sometimes elitist approach. Attention to discrete learners, teachers, and institutions is valued over simple numbers of participants. While these structures mirror my own feminist values and approaches, I imagine that most educators will be intrigued by this more democratic and responsive model for technology enhanced learning."


However, while the idea is a good one, it seems to have been anticipated in 2008 by the so-called "connectivist" MOOCs.  As George Siemens describes the cMOOC approach (which he distinguishes from the Coursera/edX etc. approach, labeled here as 'xMOOCs':

Our MOOC model emphasizes creation, creativity, autonomy, and social networked learning. The Coursera model emphasizes a more traditional learning approach through video presentations and short quizzes and testing. Put another way, cMOOCs focus on knowledge creation and generation whereas xMOOCs focus on knowledge duplication. 


see also: http://www.connectivism.ca/

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