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I've been busy these past few weeks, and will start posting about the new features that have been added.  Today I'm going to cover enhancements to the activity feed. 

Your activity feed -- covering users and resources you are following -- is now pulled out as a separate top-level navigation item, as "my feed".  Previously you would see this on your own profile page, which was confusing.  Now on your profile page you'll see the same feed everyone else sees, which is a list of the things that you've done.

If you click on the feed on your profile page -- covering just your own activity -- you'll see a page with just your activity on it.  You can share the URL for this page with others -- it's just your home url with "/activity" attached to the end.  So the url for my page is: https://dreamtolearn.com/chris/activity

At the same time, I've temporarily removed the e-mail updates that went out for those users who had signed up for them.  Those updates could quickly become annoying for users who hadn't signed in to DTL for a while.  Instead, you'll soon get notified when there are events you've missed on your activity feed.  These notifications will continue only so long as you respond to them by logging in to view your feed.  If you ignore the notifications and don't log in to look at your feed, then the notifications will slow and soon stop.  The goal is to send notifications only when they are relevant.

I'll be continuing to work on these feeds -- look for more, and more engaging, information coming soon.

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I co-founded Dream to Learn in 2013. I love the outdoors, growing and building things, and the challenge and beauty of writing computer code. I live in Eugene, Oregon with my wife Giuditta, my two kids Joshua and Rebecca, and our cats Sprinkie and Hugino.

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