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You can now view blogs, mini-blogs, and user profiles via their RSS feeds.  RSS feeds allow you to keep track of updates through a feed reader such as Feedly or Digg.  

Blog and mini-blog feeds list posts, so you can see when there are new posts to the blog.  The feed for a user profile tracks all that user's activity -- what you see in "Recent Activity" in DTL.  

There is one important difference between what you see in DTL and what you'll see in a feed reader.  Within DTL, what you see in your feed is what you have permission to see.  This means that if a user posts to a blog that she shares only with you, you (and only you) will see that post in their activity feed.  That entry will be entirely absent when anyone else looks at her recent activity.  When the feed reader accesses the RSS feed, it does so as an unauthenticated user.  So the feed reader will get only the public entries in the feed, and that's all you'll see through the feed reader.

Giving your username and password to the feed reader so that it can see the feed as you see it is a Very Bad Idea, since it would require you to put your DTL password in plaintext into a public system.  But just because I don't know of a good solution doesn't mean that one doesn't exist -- if you know of one please send me a message!

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