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Dream to Learn is not far from its "alpha" release.  Alpha can have different meanings; for us it means a usable site with a basic core of features that people can start to use to form real communities.  We've been using the Dream to Learn platform internally for some time not only for testing, but also to keep track of our progress, and Ryan and I and others have been using it for blogging.  That is, we've been "eating our own dog food."  Reaching alpha means that we're ready to open it up to a wider group.

In the alpha phase, we're not looking to reach millions of users.  Rather, we're looking for a small core of committed and passionate people who want to found Dream to Learn communities and work closely with us.  Throughout alpha, we'll work with you to help you to develop your vision for your community, and to add and refine features to help you build a better community.  At the beginning of alpha, communities will have a just a few members.  By the end of alpha, communities might have tens or hundreds of members.   Whatever we develop together on the alpha site will move forward onto the final production site; we aren't going to throw anything away.  So our alpha communities will be the first and strongest communities on our production site.

If you're passionate about something and would like to build a community around that passion, please send me an email so we can talk about working together.  At this point, the ideal person would be someone who doesn't have a huge amount of experience with silicon valley or startups, but who is deeply passionate about something, and wants to share it and help others to learn about it.    For example, two of our first communities are likely to be organized around living locally and sustainably, and singing.  The subjects don't matter so much, the passion and commitment and desire to share do.

You can reach me at alpha at dreamtolearn.com.

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Chris Tennant

I co-founded Dream to Learn in 2013. I love the outdoors, growing and building things, and the challenge and beauty of writing computer code. I live in Eugene, Oregon with my wife Giuditta, my two kids Joshua and Rebecca, and our cats Sprinkie and Hugino.

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