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introducing Lyndsay Rockey

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I am very pleased to welcome Lyndsay Rockey to our Dream to Learn advisory board.  Lyndsay was most recently the Head of Human Resources for LOVEFiLM.com, a venture-backed startup that was acquired by Amazon on 2011.  Dream to Learn will benefit from Lyndsay's extensive experience at LOVEFiLM with learning and development, communications, and budgeting, as well as her experience working at a fast-paced startup.

But Lyndsay brings more than just relevant work experience.  My vision for Dream to Learn is of a safe place for constructive exploration and engagement on important issues that aren't currently well handled on the internet, and in introducing Dan Senter, I mentioned that for many, this includes spiritual questions.  But a key question for all of us is how to relate our personal and our public lives in a post-modern world.  This can be particularly challenging for women, with the many conflicting demands that they face.  Lyndsay has shown tremendous courage in being willing to engage on these questions; you can see her blog here.  

I know that Lyndsay will always encourage us to "push the envelope" in constructive ways with Dream to Learn, and I am delighted to welcome her to the team.

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