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In Dream to Learn, "thanks" are something you offer to another person.  The offer comes in response to what that person has done for you.  Perhaps they supported you, encouraged you, or introduced you to something new.  

There is always a comment attached to the offer of thanks, a few, or many, words describing what you are thankful for.  When you offer thanks, you can decide if you want those words to be public or private.  If you make them private, then only the person you are thanking will ever see them.  If you make them public, and the person you are thanking also agrees that they should be public, then everyone will be able to see the comment.

The person to whom you are offering thanks chooses whether or not to accept them.  If your thanks are accepted, then you will be added to the list who have given thanks to that person.  And if you both agree that the comment should be public, then everyone will see it.

You can offer thanks to someone as many times as you wish, but we only count the number of people who have given you thanks, regardless of how many times they have each thanked you.  And of course, you have to accept the thanks before they are counted.

Giving and receiving thanks

Giving and receiving thanks is fundamental to what you do on Dream to Learn.  Thanks are given and received for interacting and relating with others on Dream to Learn, for helping and being helped.  

For those who are so inclined, you can even make a game of it -- try and get and give more thanks.  If you do so, we believe that you'll learn more, teach more, grow more, and perhaps even be happier.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Someone offered me thanks.  Should I offer them thanks in return?

A: No!  You should never offer thanks because someone thanked you.  Nor should you offer thanks in the expectation that you'll get thanks back.  If you feel someone deserves thanks, then offer them.  If it looks like you are "exchanging" thanks with others, then people may put less weight on your thanks.

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