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Concrete pad done!

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Yesterday the concrete truck came -- Brandon drove the concrete up to the forms with the Ditch Witch, and I spread and finished the concrete.  It was hard work!

Here are some pictures of the progression, starting a few days ago.

Starting with the gravel base that Cutting Edge put in for me:

Then I built the forms, using stacked 2x6 and 2x4s.  I should have just used a 2x10, but I didn't realize that the 2x6 wasn't going to be high enough.

I started putting in rebar, on top of a 6 mil vapor barrier:

I ended up going slightly overboard on the rebar.  This is on fill, though, so it is going to settle and shift.  I figured it was better to overdo the rebar to avoid problems with the pad down the road.  This is about $300 of rebar for a 11x16 pad:

On average, the space between rebar is about 6 inches.  Here's a view from above using the drone:

And here it is after I'd spread out the first bucket-load of concrete:

It took just over an hour, and about 20 bucket-loads to get all the concrete up -- in the end it was 5 1/2 yards.  This is just under half way through:

Finishing the concrete was a bit hit and miss -- I've never done this before.  Here's my broom finish, with the anchor bolts in place:

And here's the very end of the day (the whole process took me about 5 1/2 hours of continuous work) with the plastic wrap on top to hold in the moisture so the concrete will cure:


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