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moving piles of firewood rounds

POSTED IN: An edible garden

I need to clear up the space behind the deck and behind the children's playhouse so I can bring in some soil and get some more plants in the ground.  That means moving two big piles of firewood rounds with a wheelbarrow to the back corner against the fence.  Pushing a full wheelbarrow uphill definitely makes for a good workout!  I'm maybe 1/3 of the way done at this point, and the muscles in my back are complaining.  

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Chris Tennant

Chris Tennant

I co-founded Dream to Learn in 2013. I love the outdoors, growing and building things, and the challenge and beauty of writing computer code. I live in Eugene, Oregon with my wife Giuditta, my two kids Joshua and Rebecca, and our cats Sprinkie and Hugino.

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notes on being a backyard farmer

Created: March 12, 2017


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