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goumis and jujubes

POSTED IN: An edible garden

I finished moving the wood away from behind the deck, and have now planted a silverberry, two goumis ("red gem" and "sweet scarlet"), and two jujubes (Li and Massandra) back there.  As everywhere in our garden, the soil is heavy clay.  So I break up the soil with a shovel, add a wheelbarrow--load of compost, and the blend it with the mantis tiller.  The plant ends up on a bit of a mound, and then I add another half or full wheelbarrow load of compost around the plant, and then finish with mulch.

One of many things I love about growing fruits in the back yard is that you can grow fruits that you generally don't find the stores.  Sometimes this is because the fruits are native to other parts of the world (the goumis and jujubes are native to Asia).  And sometimes this is because only some fruits made it into commercial agriculture and the retail fruit supply system.  A century ago, people ate a broader range of fruits.  So for example the rowan or Mountain Ash used to be popular, but is seldom found today.  And there are now new hybrids that I hope are more palatable -- so I have two mountain ash, one an aronia / mountain ash hybrid, the other a hawthorn / mountain ash hybrid.  I planted those two last year, so perhaps I will get a few fruits this year.


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