About Us
Dreams Unite Us

Our Mission is To create a social learning platform that makes the benefits of a good education freely available to all.

Dream to Learn combines the strengths of social media and online learning to connect kindred spirits in their pursuit of personal development and growth. By bringing people together, Dream to Learn helps our learning communities - Kindreds - support each other in peer-to-peer and student-teacher relationships.

Together, members of Kindreds curate learning content and support each other in their pursuit of dreams and shared learning goals. User goals can focus on traditional education, such as science, computer programming or SAT test preparation; or on less traditional development goals, such as photography, rock-climbing or music. With either focus, the learning journey is “better together”


Our Team

Chris Tennant

Chris Tennant - CEO and Co-Founder

Chris Tennant has degrees in law and anthropology, including a Ph.D in social anthropology from Harvard University. He has never been comfortable with the elitism and exclusivity of higher education, and throughout his career as a technologist in the San Francisco bay area, most recently as CTO and co-founder of ConnectSolutions, he has dreamed of using web technologies to help make the experience of elite education much more broadly available.

Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson - Non-Executive Director and Co-Founder

Ryan Anderson, who serves on the Dream to Learn Board of Directors, has 15 years of experience in the research, design and development of technology solutions. Ryan enjoys data analytics, etymology and hardware hacks. He is currently learning about R programming language, D3 visualizations and random forest machine learning - and is usually keen to learn more about how things work. Ryan holds an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and an MBA from Cambridge University.

Lyndsay Rockey

Lyndsay Rockey - Community and Customer Experience

Lyndsay Rockey has 15 years of HR experience working in the technology sector. She was part of the team at LOVEFiLM.com - a UK based media company which grew from a startup to more than 500 employees, and was acquired by Amazon in 2011. Lyndsay's passions include learning, development, engagement and talent acquisition and management. She is based in Dubai and holds an LLB Law and Geography, and PGDip HR Management. She is still learning.

Jeannie Smith

Jeannie Smith - User Experience and Visual Design

Jeannie Smith is a multimedia and user interface designer with more than 10 years of experience in UI, UX and information architecture. Based in Vancouver, B.C, Jeannie has had a sincere love of fine arts since the age of 16 when she got her first camera. Jeannie's passions include photography, digital illustration, motion graphics and video editing.


We bring people together for community-driven
constructive learning.

The online learning space has many top-down education options (e.g, Udacity and Coursera), and there are many ways of connecting with others online (including Facebook and Twitter). Dream to Learn combines the strengths of online learning and social media. Dream to Learn is different because of:

  • A Dream Shared: Dream to Learn brings people together around a shared dream or goal. Today's student may be tomorrow's teacher. Distant dreams can become reality when kindred spirits share a goal and support each other.

  • Community Dynamics Platform: Our platform rewards and encourages constructive interactions, playing the role of a good mentor to bring out the best in people as they learn and grow.

  • Big vision: We founded Dream to Learn to be a part of the transformation and democratization of education. We believe the monopoly of top-down formal education is ending. Bringing conventional education online, and making it available to a wider audience is important, but it's only a start. The future of learning is decentralized and democratic.

  • Privacy and control: You always control the privacy of your community and everything you create on Dream to Learn, from completely private to completely public. We will never change your privacy settings for you. You retain ownership of everything you create on Dream to Learn. You grant us a license to use it, within the privacy parameters you determine, for as long as it stays on the site. You can permanently delete your content at any time. For content you co-author, all your co-authors must agree to the deletion. For more information, see our our proposed terms of service.

  • Social Enterprise. The goal of Dream to Learn, Inc. is to help our members build healthy, vibrant learning communities that nourish their dreams to learn. To do this, we are building a profitable company which can take care of its employees, and attract the talent to build the best possible platform. But building a profitable company is a way to achieve our goal, not the goal itself.

Our Advisory Board

Sylvia Hacaj

Sylvia Hacaj

Sylvia was previously VP of Philanthropy Programs at the Global Philanthropy Forum. Prior to GPF she worked in senior roles with Save the Children and with M&R Strategic Services - managing campaigns for Oxfam America, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and the World Wildlife Fund. Sylvia began her career as legislative analyst for the US House of Representatives and participated in the drafting and passing the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993 - establishing the AmeriCorps program. She later served as Deputy Director of Government Relations and White House Liaison for the Corporation for National Service.

Ben Tauber

Ben Tauber

Ben is formerly a Product Manager at Google who led efforts on their social architecture to drive growth and engagement as well as integrating gchat with Hangouts. Prior to that he co-founded Scoopler, Inc, which launched the first real-time search engine and was acquired by Google in 2011. He also worked with Chris at Adobe in the Hosted, Platform and Operations group. Ben enjoys building things, playing music, rock climbing, snowboarding and meditation.

Linda Young

Linda Young

Linda Young lives in Vancouver BC, where she runs an innovation consultancy firm. She is a researcher, product innovator and strategist who works in sectors that include media, telecoms, gaming, and banking - where she helps her client organizations grow and transform. Linda has always been an avid learner.

Dan Senter

Dan Senter

Dan Senter is Senior Pastor at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Lafayette, California. He serves on the board of directors for the Center for Progressive Christianity and The Urban Farmers. His interests also include Sustainable Economies and Aquaponics.

Valerie Gonzalez

Valerie Gonzalez

Valerie was a professional opera singer for 15 years before being promoted to Muttergl├╝ck. She currently teaches Voice/Piano Lessons in her private studio, Viva La Diva Music Studio and is currently writing a historical novel set in World War II Philippines. Valerie has a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from UBC, and is on the Voice Faculty at a state college. She believes that “higher learning” occurs, not at an institution, but on the cellular level; that learning is sweetest and deepest in the urgency of need, passion, or obsessive compulsive disorder.



Dream to Learn is a new platform -- the company was founded in 2013. We are adding new features rapidly, and for those who share our vision, it's a great time to join and help to build Dream to Learn with us. If our mission and goals resonate with you, we'd love to have your help! You can jump right in, try features, publish content and blogs, and let us know if any 'requests' (i.e. help us make things and break things.) The current timetable is targeting mid 2014 as a transition to full beta testing (we're in Alpha now). If you have feedback, we'd be delighted to year from you. Feel free to reach out to us directly - you can email or message us inside of Dream to Learn or send email to: alpha at dreamtolearn dot com. Your questions, feature requests and and feedback are welcomed.