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Giuditta Pileri

I love languages, I speak Italian, French and English, and I have always been open to new oppurtunity abroad, that lately brought me in the USA. I love building wood forniture, cooking and yoga. I used to work in the French academic enviroment as an Italian istructor now I want to change.

I'm creating

Tuscany to Oregon: my cookbook journey.

Italian-inspired recipes that are all connected to my own personal history
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My partnerships

Building a backyard pond and aquaponics system

by:   Chris Tennant

trout, veggies, a swimming hole, and a stream!
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Since I was a boy, I've wanted to have a pond, with fish, in the backyard. Now I can finally do it! The pond will have trout, and the water from the pond will be filtered through a gravel bog filter, where we will grow vegetables and ornamental plants. The pond is deep enough (9 feet at its deepest) to swim in, although it will be very refreshing!

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My answers

Q: What do you want to learn, explore or discover?

My dream is to explore the possibility of creating a business around italian food where the stories and the people around the products have a strong importance.https://giudittapileri.com/

Q: What do you love to do?

Cooking to me is a therapy, a process of discovery and tool for sociality. I also love growing food in my garden and spend time with my cats.

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