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Week 7 - Feedbacks

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I'm so happy that I got a few feedbacks today that I decided to write my weekly post today, on Tuesday even if it's only the beginning of the week. 

Thank to my father in law Paul, who involved in this project his friends in Belterra, on Bowen Island, BC I have now very constructive feedback which I can work on to create this book.

I include Dorothy's feedback here, so it won't get lost :

" Blueberry Flatbread.  Delicious

I made a mistake in the salt conversion and put too much in.  After it was cooked, it tasted OK.

There is 1 tablespoon of olive oil in the ingredients that doesn’t match anything in the directions. I think it was the couple of tablespoons used to spread the dough.  The ingredients / directions should be consistent.

It would be helpful to me if the size of the baking tray was suggested.  

I wouldn’t use a casserole on the stove top.  How was the olive oil and rosemary to be heated stove top, microwave?  It would be helpful to have clarity there.  I put my rosemary in the oil at the time I set the dough to rise and microwaved it for 15 sec. before I spread it on the dough.  It was lovely.  


Plum Jam Crostata.  Rave reviews.  

I had none of your plum jam so i used what I had on had, which was onion/thyme jam.  I used less than 300 g because that’s what I had.  It was delicious.  600g of jam may be too much for me.  The 300 g was a bit thin but got rave reviews from the eating testers.

I didn’t use the vanilla because of the onions.

I would have appreciated an estimate of the diameter of the circle when it was 1/8”.  Also, even with the smaller amount of jam I used, I wanted a bit of an edge to the dough to make sure the jam didn’t leak.  I would have liked some indication of how the dough strips attached to each other and the base.

Mine overcooked a bit in 50 minutes; especially on the edges, it was quite brown and  a bit crisper than I expected for a crostada.  I don’t think the dough was as thin as 1/8” everywhere so I don’t think it was that the dough was too thin.   As you can see, it was not a thing of beauty.  I’m sorry I forgot to take a pic when it was still whole.image1.jpeg


Ricotta and spinach dumpling with olive oil, sage and rosemary.  these were tasty.  

I would have liked some serving suggestions.  I made these twice and ate them with baked spaghetti  squash. I would like more of a saucier sauce, and perhaps some serving suggestions.  Are these an appetizer?  A dinner?  

For the ricotta, I hung 750g of plain yoghurt in cheesecloth for 24 hours.  It was a little more than 8 oz.

I didn’t put parmesan on top because I had included it in the mixture and didn’t have any more.  I think it would have been a good addition.  The two uses should be indicated in the ingredients/directions.

They needed (for me) more salt.

I will make these again.  Add the parmesan and/or some kind of cheese or tomato sauce?  They were nice with the spaghetti squash. 


Pear Cake.  This came out looking beautiful.  I’m not much of a cake eater and found it tasted OK but was not inspiring.  I had some of both this one and one that was made by someone else.  They weren’t much different.  You had some of mine, Paul, so you can comment on it.  

I don’t know how to make the pear flavour more intense which I would like.  I might put in more pepper if I was to make it again.  

The directions were straightforward and worked well. As I said, it was a thing of beauty.

I made the mascarpone from a recipe on line by clabbering cream with lemon juice at a simmer and draining it for 8 hours. "


My plan for this week is to go again through those recipes and improve them. I just realized that I have take for granted many things in the explanation and instructions. I haven't think that this is not a book for Italians, but for North Americans, so things that are obvious and predictable for me as Italian who talks about Italian food are not for other cultures. I'm so glad that I have these critiques so I can improve my work. Also I'm the first one who hate reading recipes that are not clear and consistent.





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