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Week 9 More feedback and list of recipes

POSTED IN: The cookbook journey

I successfully made Spaghetti Carbonara woth artichokes and my Grandma Rice pudding. 

I also got more feedback and make adjustements to these two recipes.

Comments from Lyne and Gabriel : 

Test 1: Ricotta and spinach dumplings


We tested out the dumplings first, with mixed results.

Add the egg and, if it’s runny add one tablespoon at the time of flour

 It would be nice to know here what the desired consistency is, how much flour to add, etc.

The recipe should emphasize the need to keep the dumplings separate, i.e. not touching, as they have a tendency to stick together.

Scoop a tablespoon of batter and give it a rounded shape by using your hands

 We found this size – a tablespoon – to be much too big. We followed the instructions and took the dumplings out of the boiling water once they had risen to the surface, but we found that they tasted undercooked, with the texture of raw dough. We would recommend making the dumplings about half that size, perhaps similar to gnocchi.

The flavour was not bad, but could benefit from a bit more kick: some red chili flakes, for instance.

Test 2: Fresh herbs tagliatelle

We followed the recipe to the letter except that we used fresh rosemary instead of basil, thyme or oregano.

The pasta dough turned out well. However, the pasta itself did not. It was our first time using a pasta maker and we found it a bit frustrating. Running the pasta through the main roller was not the problem. We struggled when using the attachment, as the pasta noodles would come out all stuck together and it was nearly impossible to separate them. Eventually we opted to cut the pasta ourselves. However, the same issue arose again: after they had been cut the noodles all stuck together in the plate and we had to separate them again before putting them into the boiling water.

We would recommend including more detailed instructions (with pictures perhaps) on how to use a pasta maker, as well as some tips on how to make sure that the uncooked noodles don’t all stick together and form a big blob before cooking.

The dish would probably have come together nicely if the pasta had been a success. We thought the dressing was tasty, but perhaps a bit too simple overall. 

Thanks! We had fun 


Lyne and Gabriel



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