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Aerial views of the backyard as it progresses


Aerial shots of the work over time, using a Mavic Pro drone.  This was going to be a major transformation of the backyard, so I wanted to be able to document the work as it progressed.  The amount of fill to be moved around the yard is massive -- as much as 1,000 yards.


At the beginning of the work, the back yard had a gentle slope:

Looking back to the house before the work began


There wasn't much on the lot.  The trees had been successively removed.  We had a veggie garden last fall -- I'd laboriously tilled compost into the soil.  

February 11, before the work began.  Blurry as this is a screen cap from a video.

The contractors used paint to mark out the outlines of the pond and the stream coming off the bog filters.  The stream lines would soon be under many feet of dirt!

Feb 12

Starting work on digging the pond basin

Feb 13, working
Feb 13 #1

The black tarp is to protect the soil from the rain. The soil is a heavy clay, and the rain quickly turns it into slippery mess.

Feb 13 #2

Giuditta looking up at the drone

Black plastic is to prevent the ground from getting muddy in the coming rain
Feb 14

To connect the house to the yard, the contractors cut a hole in the original retaining wall, and then put in sandstone stairs

Feb 14, working on the stairs
Jackhammer to cut through soft sandstone
Feb 18 with a light snowfall
Feb 20


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