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77 Data Visualization Tools

Greetings!  Below is a table that was compiled by pulling together approximately 15 lists and tables from the net, focused on data and data visualization.   Roughly 400 references.  My sincere thanks to the people who compiled and shared the information in various communities - and of course to the authors of the tools for creating them!


  • First step was to compile, in one place, a SUPERSET of tools cited by various communities.    
  • Some early filtering has been done. I have removed duplicates.  I have also removed hyper specific visualizations (like music playlists), and sites no longer functioning (e.g. twitter sources)
  • Later, as document evolves, I will be going deeper into the tools (especially ones i've not used before) to provide a little more information on them.  
  • Will also will be soliciting comments and feedback from community - for example, if I've missed any key tools, or if the rating or description is not correct.

I hope you find this helpful - please ping me if any suggestions for improvements.  Cheers! Ryan

NameTypeFirst pass rateDescriptionURL
Mr. Data ConverterData HandleaData Conversion Tool – very versatile
D3VizaMassive resource set for visualizing data JavaScript
ExcelVizaIt's Excel.
Google ChartsVizaSimple Charts from Google
Google Fusion TablesVizaCollaborate, visualize and share. (Experimental).
PeityVizasimple jQuery plugin converts element's content into a simple mini
Google Public Data ExplorerDatabGood data source for public
DataWranglerData HandlebTool to clean and transform data (preparation)
Open Refine / Google RefineData-CleanerbOpen source. Great for cleaning up messy data
Color BrewerMapbColorful and informative maps
Open Heat MapMapbSpreadsheets > Maps
R Programming LanguageMultiplebR is powerful platform, community, with 'basic' quality viz
Chart.jsVizbobject oriented client side graphs
CircosVizbvisualizing data in circular layout
DipityVizbData organized by time, timeline, visual
FlareVizbActionScript library for creating visualizations in Adobe Flash
FlotVizbFlot is a pure JavaScript plotting library for jQuery
Here is TodayVizbNiche. Shows scale of time
HighchartsVizbcharting library written in pure HTML5/JavaScript. Freemium
iChartsVizbArtistic Viz.
Infogr.amVizbInfographics Engine. Freemium
Many EyesVizbViz from IBM. Getting dated.
RaphaelVizb small JavaScript librar
RickshawVizbJavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs.
Tag GalaxyVizbNiche – but pretty – solar system representation of images
TimelineJSVizbTimelines applied to images (carousel)
Tableau PublicMultiplecFreemium. Limits on size. OK tool.
Google RipplesVizcSocial Reach
InfoVis JSVizctools for creating Interactive Data Visualizations for the Web.
PrefuseVizcrich interactive data visualizations
RSS VoyageVizcRSS Input Viz
TouchGraphVizcViz. Suite. Might be freemium.
Miso DatasetData Handle JavaScript client-side data transformation /management library.
WekaData Handle  collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks.
WranglerData Handle Data cleaning
KartographMap interactive map applications without Google Maps.
LeafletMap Mobile-Friendly Interactive Maps.
MapBoxMap Custom Maps
Modest MapsMap small, extensible, and free library for interactive maps
OpenLayersMap Free maps for the web
PolymapsMap  free JavaScript library for making dynamic, interactive maps
BalsamiqMockup Tool Rapid wireframing tool
Easel.lyMockup Tool Visual theme creator
PiktochartMockup Tool Infographics. Freemium
Visual.lyMockup Tool Infographics
ProcessingMultiple Programming language, dev environment, and online community.
Arbor.jsViz Graph visualization library using web workers and jQuery (FDG)
AxiisViz Open source data visualization framework - degrafa Adobe Flex.
Better World FluxViz Interactive visualization of info on what really matters in life.
CartoDBViz Upload and visualize. Freemium
CrossfilterViz Viz for multidimensional multivariate data sets
Cubism.jsViz D3 plugin for visualizing time series.
Dance.jsViz Animated scatterplots, dance of dots
DegrafaViz declarative graphics framework for Flex.
EnvisionViz Library for fast HTML5 visualizations
ExhibitViz Data rich interactive web pages
GephiViz interactive viz for networks, complex systems, hierarchical graphs.
JpGraphViz Object-Oriented Graph creating library for PHP >= 5.1
jQPlotViz plotting & charting plugin for the jQuery Javascript framework.
Jquery VisualiseViz fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library.
LinkedIN – InMapsViz Network Viz – linkedin
NewsmapViz News visualized to blocks
NodeBoxViz Data Tools to integrate with traditional design tools
NVD3 jsViz D3 Derivative. Reusable charts
Paper.jsViz The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting.
Recline.jsViz library for building data applications in pure Javascript and HTML.
Sigma.jsViz Pen-source lightweight JS library draw graphs HTML Canvas
Tag CrowdViz Similar to Wordle in many ways. URL input option
Time FlowViz Visual timelines
TimelineViz Interactive timelines
Visualize FreeViz Viz for multidimensional
We Feel FineViz Niche – nice aggregation of many online sources with “feel”
WolframAlphaViz Viz with data behind it
WordleViz Words to visuals
CoffeeScriptData Tool  language that compiles into JavaScript
JitterBitMultiple Data integration (pulling it all together)
Polychart.jsViz expressive JavaScript graphing library.  wide array of graphics
MisoViz open source toolkit - fast creation of high-quality interactive viz
DimpleViz tool open up d3 to analysts. gentle learning curve
CodeFlowerViz experiment that visualizes source repositories - interactive tree.
Orange  open source Data mining: visual programming or Python scripting.
ZingChartViz charting library - charts and graphs in both Flash and HTML5
NetadvantageViz  controls for charts. range of frameworks incl / silverlight
PivotViewerViz Microsoft Silverlight control to interact with massive data sets
GnuplotViz command-line graphing utility Linux, OS/2, Windows, OSX, VMS
ProtovisViz Protovis is the predecessor to D3. (available, no longer active)
Vega   visualization grammar, declarative format > sharing visualizations
Kendo  comprehensive HTML5/JavaScript framework
Visual SedimentationViz JavaScript library for visualizing streaming data
Scriptographer Viz Scriptographer is a scripting plugin for Adobe Illustrator
KnoemaMultiple Knoema is a knowledge platform connecting data with analytical and presentation tools.  Free data and statistics.  (nutrient rich)
BokehViz Bokeh is a Python interactive visualization library for large datasets
information aestheticsMultiple Information Aesthetics Weblog collects projects that represent data or information in original or intriguing ways


Honorable Mention to other "lists of lists":  Essential Collection of Visualisation Resources: "Here is a collection of some of the most important, effective, useful and practical data visualisation tools. The content covers the many different resources used to create and publish visualisations, tools for working with colour, packages for handling data, places to obtain data, the most influential books and educational programmes and qualifications in visualisation itself" 



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About this document

77 Data Visualization Tools: Document contains aggregation of approximately 15 lists that included data viz tools; data cleansing tools; and other tools that may be helpful in exploring data viz. There is a strong bias to include free tools and exclude pay, however a few freemium tools are in list.

Created: September 10, 2013

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