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How to get your Dream to Learn content ranked highly

Dream to Learn uses a "scoring" algorithm for blogs, documents and other content.  Content with higher scores gets seen by more users, because it is more likely to appear in "top" lists.  In addition, the scoring of your content also translates into your score as a user, which affects where you appear in directories and searches.

So you ask, how can I improve my rankings?  The short answer is that the scores are designed to reward things like quality, constructiveness, and engagement.  So if you write good content, are a contributing member of your communities, then your content (and you) will get ranked highly.  "Sure," you answer, "but what do I need to do to improve my rankings?"

Well, here are some specific tips:

  • share your content with your friends.  More views by both guests (people who aren't logged in) and by users (people who are logged in) will increase your ranking.  
  • getting users with different statuses in your community (visitors, applicants, candidates and members) to view your content will also increase your ranking.
  • the ratings you get for your content are an important contributor to ranking.  
  • rating other people's content also gives your own ratings a boost.
  • for blogs, write more blog entries -- more frequent entries means a higher rating.
  • for documents, publish new versions -- new versions mean a higher rating.
  • for document, invite co-authors; documents with more co-authors rate higher.
  • invite people to comment (publicly and privately) on your blogs and documents.  Be sure to respond to comments.  All of this will increase your ratings.
  • content also gets a ratings boost when it is new (to level the playing field with more established content), but this boost diminishes with time, so be sure to take advantage of the early days to build activity around your content.
  • different categories of users see different lists of content, depending on their permissions.  If you don't publish content that guests can see, then your content won't appear to any guests.  So be sure to publish some content with 'guest' or 'user' permissions.  Also, only content with 'guest' and 'user' permissions gets a chance to appear on the global top lists on the Dream to Learn main home page.
  • your score as a user will be different depending on the category of user who is looking at you.  If for example, you publish content only viewable by members, then so far as a guest is concerned, you may have no score at all (because you have no content that is visible to the guest).  For this reason, you should make your content available to as wide a range of users as possible.

Finally, some housekeeping points:

  • your content has to have at least one rating, or have been seen by at least one viewer other than yourself, before it gets a rating
  • ratings are calculated roughly every 24 hours, so it will take a little while before you see updates

I have also blogged in more detail about how the algorithms work.

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Created: September 12, 2013

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