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Possible goals for vocal technique Dream to Learn community

Overarching goal: build a community of people devoted to the excellence in the craft of vocal technique

This is an overarching goal that comprises most of the other goals below.  But the idea of having a group of people who are united by this purpose is a powerful one.

Social/professional networking

Create/maintain online peer groups

People who are going through similar things together can hang out, network, socialize and help one another.  They can chat and send messages through the site, talk in google hangouts, and people in particular local areas could meet face to face.

Find colleagues

I want to find friends who share the craft with me, and who I can socialize and network with.  

Hold in-person conferences

Once the community was going strong, it could have annual conferences where people could get together to meet face to face.  There could also be more frequent regional conferences (more like meetup).

The annual conference could be one that spanned all Dream to Learn communities.  You could come to the annual conference just for vocal technique, but you could also learn from other Dream to Learn communities.  Maybe the "stamp collecting" Dream to Learn community has been especially successful at outreach, and can teach everyone else how to do it better.  Or maybe there's a plenary panel on "finding your vocation."

World-wide outreach

Reach people all over the world who are interested in singing, and help them to determine if this is their passion, and find mentors and peers


  • talented young girl in Nairobi is able to find peers and mentors worldwide

Build knowledge, develop skills

Build and maintain a body of knowledge about the craft

This could include documents, blogs, videos, recordings.  But over time this would be a compendium of knowledge and experience about vocal technique, and about being a singer.  It would have permissioned access, so that members would see everything, while casual visitors would see only some of it. 

Find/maintain mentors

For people of all experience levels, find others who can teach them something about some aspect of vocal technique.  I might be your mentor for something, while you are my mentor for something else.

Give professional qualifications

This is a much longer-term possibility.  But you can imagine that once the community is well-formed, it could define learning paths (I need to apprentice with a mentor for a year, I need to record 5 recordings that get peer-reviewed, etc. etc, and then I get an "x" badge) that would constitute a community-based qualification.

Facilitating the businesses of the founder/core members

Business development/marketing for founder/core members

"Get the word out" for founder and core members, and help them to find paying customers.

Facilitate new ways of training people for founder/core members

Perhaps some paying customers could be "distance" customers (training done e.g. in google hangouts, with occasional travel for intensive training at the teacher's location)

This is TBD, but might be quite interesting.

Provide means for founder/core members to sell recordings

Not likely to be a focus for us right now, but longer term, you can imagine that a founder who has built up a reputation might want to sell recordings of themselves singing, for instance.

Outreach to the non-core group

I'm sure there are a lot of people who aren't professional singers, who have other jobs, who are nonetheless very interested and would love to keep up with what's going on.  I see several opportunities here.

Provide means for fans and those interested to "follow"

I'm an opera buff, and not a very good singer.  I have the dream of someday maybe learning to sing really well, but I have another job and don't have time to devote to singing.  But I love following singing, and learning more about the "craft" of signing is a passion of mine.  

Being able to earn badges that show that I'm progressing for me would be very appealing, as it would connect me to the craft.

"Boot camps" for non-professionals

You can also imagine intensive weeks or weekends for amateurs who want to be immersed in the craft.  Maybe I've been an opera fan all my life, and my wife gives me a week's training for my 65th birthday.  I won't ever become a professional opera singer, but the experience of that week will be a profound one for me.


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