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Hacking Twinkies! Kitchen science, sweet things, and the periodic table

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A journey into science, kitchen chemistry and physics –using America’s favorite high-calorie “Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling”

We took some Grade 1 kids, and deconstructed a store bought Twinkie - with the goal of building a better Twinkie.  

  • We ended up making two flavors of Twinkie pastry - yellow-cake, and chocolate (YC was from scratch; chocolate we used Bob's Red mill chocolate cake;  For fillings
  • SAVORY included Aged Goat Cheese, Italian White Truffle, Tabasco
  • DIGESTIF was Coffee Caramel

We put together a PPT/PDF deck below of some of the kids' ideas, photos of the day, and 'results'.  We ran short of time to set the twinkies on fire to measure calories - perhaps next time...

Hacking Twinkies.PDF





Hacking Twinkies - Baseline Test of Store Bought Twinkies

We're being safe - note the eye protection. We had 1 up-vote; 1 down-vote; and one unreliable one.






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