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Oobleck - Part Twoobleck - Standing Waves in Goop and Strings

POSTED IN: Kids Love Science & Experimentation - and so do I!

Last weekend the kids and I started to play with Oobleck - a non-Newtonian fluid - link to prior post here 

We kept the fun (and the mess) going this Sunday - by mixing up another batch.   The first attempt at creating a standing wave inside a beaker failed - a good reminder that failure is a part of science.

So we headed outside with our hacked subwoofer with a plastic + aluminum foil membrane, old iPhone (as a frequency generator) and the Oobleck.  

Let the countdown begin...

Later, we got a nice 'attack of the killer blob' moment here - looks like the NNF is trying to consume the ball bearing.

Lastly, we hooked a STRING up to the gate and got a nice 'standing wave' going.  Really could see Lucy 'clicking' with the concept of increasing amplitude (volume) of the speaker and seeing the height of the wave growing - and changing the frequencies and seeing number of nodes grow.  Photo is poor quality - tough for super-fast iPhone to capture what is clearer to human eye, but a rough wiggle can be seen at 50hz...


Another fine day - science, mess and fun!










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