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We are very sorry to say that Dream to Learn will be shutting down as of December 28th, 2019. If you have content that you wish to keep, you should make a copy of it before that date.

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Dream to Learn resource types


Dream to Learn has several document (or "resource") types.  They include:

Dream to Learn Blogs

A blog represents the perspectives of its author.  Blogs have one or more blog entries, organized chronologically by the date they were first created.

Co-authored blogs

A co-authored blog has two or more co-authors.  Each blog entry is authored by only one of the co-authors.

Co-authored blogs are good for extended discussions or debates between the co-authors.  If the blog is private, then only the co-authors will see the discussion.  If the blog is public, then others can follow the discussion or debate, and, depending on the commenting permissions that are set, will be able to comment publicly or privately.

For a co-authored blog, only the first author (the primary author) can update the settings (title, permissions and so on) of the blog, or invite new co-authors.  Co-authors can't be removed from co-authored blogs once added.

Dream to Learn Documents

There are several document types.  All can have a single author, or several co-authors.  Document types include:

HTML documents

HTML documents are like Word documents.


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