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Climbing Today and Rappelling nearly 20 years ago

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While away on a business trip, there was a TV in the hotel.  I dont watch TV often.   I flipped it on and saw an inspiring program about a Free Solo climber named Alex Honnold.  http://tvblogs.nationalgeographic.com/2014/07/23/free-solo-climber-alex-honnold-on-life-climbing-and-himself/

It reminded me of a couple of things - firstly, Chris's climbing dream and training (I'm impressed), and secondly, the echo of a long time ago when I dabbled in the rocks.

My climbing abilities were never that strong - but we had a good time.  Mostly toprope climbing in the Okanagan - in southern British Columbia, Canada.  nice terrain. 

Below is a photo of me rappelling off the KVR trestles.  The rope barely reached the bottom - so I think it was about 60 meters.

Anyway, the program has got me thinking - curious about how the much older body would perform on the rock.  (I'm guessing it's not improved much with age :) A friend locally based (Chris-topher)  boulders on indian rock - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Rock_Park .  

The Kettle Valley Railroad was a subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway that operated in the Thompson-Okanagan region of southern British Columbia. It opened in 1915 and was abandoned in portions beginning in 1961, with the final segment falling into disuse in 1989.   In 2003 the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire in engulfed many portions of the KVR between Penticton and McCulloch Lake.It claimed 12 of the 18 trestles within Myra Canyon. The trestles have since been rebuilt and the trail is fully open to the public



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