Yes, but who do you really want to be?

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Often it isn't so hard to call to mind what we ought to be in our own or the eyes of others, nor is it a stretch to list out our shortcomings and development needs. Some of that is the result of the well established approach we have to appraisal and development conversations in the work environment, some is social and family pressure real or perceived and some is brain chemistry - negative thoughts suppress positive ones.  However, the goals we set and changes we seek to make rooted in these more defensive, negative thoughts aren't usually the ones that stick, bring deep fulfilment or lead us to achieve our true hearts desire.  For that we are best anchoring our goals in our best version of ourselves.  If you want to craft a dream and need a little support getting started we can have a conversation to do just that.

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Lyndsay Rockey

Lyndsay Rockey

I am helping Chris and Ryan building dream to learn putting to use the HR and start-up skills I honed in past roles. When I’m not making my contribution to changing the way the world learns I am raising two kids, consuming vast quantities of podcasts as i make my way around the streets of Dubai.

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Deliberate changes in behaviour that come from a place of positivity are the ones likely to sustain not to mention are just more fun to apply our discretionary efforts to. The Right Frame of Mind captures my experience on the fun journey that is taking part in Conversations That Inspire by Case Western Reserve University. Not only is it a course that I am learning from but it is also providing a framework to which I can coach and through these posts share insight and tools that can help others identify and realise their dreams.

Created: May 09, 2017


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