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Mixed Reality Pet (repost)

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My friend Jake did a very nice post for a Mixed Reality Pet - i.e. Tamagotchi on steroids - technical foundation for an AR pet that "walks around your house and outside, has virtual food/water and same needs as a real pet"

Jake used..  "IBM Watson AI Assistant workspace and adjusting IBM Watson unity samples, wired up the animations to fire at appropriate times, adding sound, learning and adjusting the Dodge example to get pinch-based spawning, working to learn more about the mesh including adding the debug view of the meshes from the tutorial and adding basic movement actions."



Per Jake's blog - here are key pieces/steps..

  1. Built a Unity project starting with a foundation of the Dodge sample project 
  2. Used Magic Leap Lumin SDK package for Unity to learn about spawning the dog into the world using a pinch gesture
  3. Leveraged, for Corgi dog 3D model, I used a package from the Unity Asset Store (https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/animals/dog-corgi-70082)
  4. Used A motion controller script helps move the dog's rigid body around, adjusting the active animation using the Animator state machine and triggers while trying to stay on the Magic Leap generated mesh,




nice work!

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