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Feeding the trout

POSTED IN: Building a backyard trout pond

Here's a quick video I just shot of how the trout go after the feed when I throw it onto the surface of the pond. 

They're eating a lot -- I feed the several times a day.  This was the last feeding of the day, and as you can see they weren't reluctant to eat!

While the water is clear, I'm starting to get green string algae in the slower sections of the stream, and in the outflow area of the aquaponics beds.  The fall/winter vegetables in the aquaponics are tiny (we had a setback when the chickens ate them down to nothing, before I put chicken wire around them to protect them), and the trout are obviously pumping a lot of nutrients into the system.  

I ordered a gallon of pond bacteria to help the system deal with the nutrients -- to date, I've just let it run with whatever was naturally there in the environment.  It was to arrive today (Microbe Lift PL - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002568JA/) but the mailman informed me that the package had burst open at the post office.  The stuff stinks, and he told me it was so bad they had to bring in a special person to clean it up.  So no pond bacteria until Thursday!

Meanwhile, I picked up some more winter vegetables -- cabbage and broccoli, and planted that in the aquaponics behind the chicken wire.  As that grows, it should help as well.

While the water temperature in the summer was too hot for trout -- it peaked at 80 degrees, it's been nice and cool since mid-September.  The current temperature range is about 59-62.  As you can see from the video above, it's a temperature that makes for vigorous trout!

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