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Emerging Technologies in Media & Entertainment

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Conversation Starters: Emerging Technologies in Media & Entertainment

I've been having more and more conversations that touch on the intersection of Media and Entertainment; and emerging technologies like Augmented Reality and AI in Digital Humans.

I jotted down a few 'conversation starters' - thought I'd share them. And a caveat - I'm not a domain expert on below (I'm not sure any exist) - but rather a curious explore.


Evolution of Storytelling: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & First/Shift Person

Storytelling is Evolving - Within Media and Entertainment, the number of distribution vectors continues to grow, as do the differing forms of story experiences.   Non-linear choose-your-own-adventure stories on Netflix; Augmented Reality Star Wars Storm-troopers on iPhones, Virtual Reality immersive games and first person and “shift person” stories.   The sector is experiencing a period of punctuated evolution.


Foundation Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Test Kitchen - Rapid advances in Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence are accelerating innovation in consumer goods, enterprise, and entertainment.  Using the metaphor of a well-equipped ‘test kitchen’ we discuss how the technology ingredients can be used for exploration and innovation – developing recipes to move from cupcakes to wedding cakes.


Skills Building – Expanding Studio Capabilities through 2050

Skills Building - Agencies and studios wishing to compete in a rapidly evolving “new-media” space will need to build capabilities and culture to foster evolution.  The type and composition of talent require to deliver non-traditional media in 2050 will differ greatly from present day. Storytellers will need to expand skills, and create connections to technologists, and leverage technology without losing the core artistic and storytelling elements. In this section we explore ‘what might be’ by examining early adopters – and lessons learned from successes & failures.


Digital Humans and Digital Assistants – An Evolution of Technology & Ideas

Widely adopted Conversational Agents such as Amazon’s Alexa, have set the stage for more sophisticated Digital Humans and Digital Assistants. What was once pure science fiction (KITT, HAL, Ash, JARVIS, and TARS) now seem closer than ever. As the space matures to a second generation “Cognitive Wingman” – we explore questions such as: What will they look and sound like? How will they emote and behave?  How much access to personal information should they have? 


Architecting Empathetic Systems – Empathy & Emotional Intelligence

We explore the degree to which Identity, Empathy and Emotional Intelligence, can support use cases and enhance a user’s experience.  Signal extraction services such as tone and emotion analyzer, natural language understanding, custom Natural Language Classification models, sentiment analysis, alongside standardized personality model and type mapping, can provide systems to adjust to the emotion of user, and in cases, emulate emotions and emotional responses.


Characters and Content – New World and New Channels

Studios and Media Conglomerates own characters worth billions of dollars.  For example, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) purchased by Disney in 2009 for $4b and has grossed more than $11b at the box office. We explore how evolving technology and media vectors are potential opportunities for studios character assets, to unlock potential – from both user experience and financial aspects.   Is having your own augmented reality "Jarvis" as a cognitive wingman an appealing value proposition? if so, how valuable, and why?

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