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Ghost in the Machine..

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A little friday afternoon free association...

  • Knowledge Leakage
  • Digital Twins
  • Augmented Reality "clones" of grey-bearded boffins to memorialize institutional knowledge



Nuclear Industry / IAEA https://www-pub.iaea.org/MTCD/Publications/PDF/17-35661_PUB1734_web.pdf 

"It is well recognized that many nuclear power plant operators face a challenge with the loss of experienced workers and the knowledge and skills that they possess. Often, this knowledge is undocumented and the skills require years of training and experience to develop. This loss may be caused by a variety of factors including: retirement of long term employees, internal transfers and promotion of employees or resignation of employees who leave the nuclear industry. The same risks of competence loss are valid for the outsourcing and consultant companies involved in nuclear programs and projects.
The situation of an aging workforce has similar trends in developed and developing countries; therefore, the situation is becoming increasingly critical due to loss of key experts not only from the nuclear sector but also from traditional engineering fields, such as welding, mechanics, chemistry, construction, electric, instrumentation and control"


If we can copy and paste the image of a bird



why not a Grey-Beard talking about an asset (turbine? ) and a method to maintain.  Have the knowledge be captured and recalled, to SUMMON THE GHOST - decades after the Subject Matter Expert has departed (the company, or the earth...)


took me to


which i read many years ago - and really enjoyed...



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