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Exploring Design Patterns – Enterprise AR/VR Solutions

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Exploring ideas around Design Patterns (meta-use cases) for Enterprise AR/VR



Decision Support

Help humans summon and engage data to help with decisions.   Consumer: high-value feature rich options (home decorating, automobile) helps buyers compare & understand (see) options.  ERP / Strategic:  Executives with data-on-demand, verbal command & control BI ERP integrations. Shared visualizations


Cognitive Extenders

Help executives and innovators reduce cognitive load and extend cognitive range.  Better reasoning, recall, decision support, social navigation & connection making. Context aware information augmentation.  Instant context-aware data recall and visualization for decision support.  Collaboration catalyst.


Cognitive Wingman

Jarvis, KITT, HAL.  Sensemaking systems understand context, to help. Use cases include autism, eldercare, Alzheimer’s & PTSD.  Cognitive Wingman is a human assistive AI/ADA buddy embedded inside AR headset – microphones & camera enable sensemaking & AR projection & audio to guide - or to guard


Expertise Projection

Amplify and project scarce expertise.  Highly skilled medical specialists projecting expertise 2000 miles away to nurse practitioners who touch patients.   Industrial – leverage expert engineers at distance to help low skilled workers repair or deploy complex assets.  Hands free.  Information overlay.


Knowledge Map & Recall

Dark Data / Data Exhaust. Enterprises are drowning in data.  Knowledge & expertise fuels continuing innovation and digital transformation. Workers retiring, taking key knowledge. AR enables knowledge capture & recall across time/space. Verbal command/control, visual delivery. Leverage spatial memory.


Unified Communications

The final destination for UC?  As close to being present, without actually being present.  Project remote attendee into an empty seat at a board meeting 3000 miles away.  Re-watch 2 year old meetings.  Look into the eyes & face of job applicant. AR for UC3.0 enables human communications at distance


Digital Twin / Industrial

Digital Twin is virtual/digital representation of a physical entity or system, living model that evolves over time, includes structured and unstructured data.  IOT and predictive analytics. AR allows a field worker to see and engage various data layers projected atop asset.  Oil & gas; aviation; high value assets.


Neural Adaptive

(Speculative) NLU powered context gathering / sensemaking.  Emotion and eye tracking. Neural network & deep learning powered systems to recognize patterns from biometric signals (EEG/FMRI). Education optimization. AR content & agents serving as baseline reference for neural adaptive AR systems.


Healthcare & Pharma

Research & Drug Discovery is a high-dimensional data space.  AR helps understand texture and shape of data;  fosters collaboration; and assists with visualization. Specialist doctors don’t scale well, AR helps scarce doctors project expertise to more places; and can help with teaching



AR enables engineers to see into, and project onto, complex and/or aging infrastructure assets to make best use of data, in field, real time.  Touches Digital Twin;  Decision Support;  Knowledge Mapping and recall, to enable AR equipped user
to see best available data to leverage actionable intelligence



AR opens up new ways for children and adults to interact with, and consume and retain knowledge, in the most efficient and effective way – for each person.  Customization;  interactivity; flexibility and leverage spatial and visual components of AR for learners most benefiting from methods.


Gaming & Fantasy

Escape & entertainment. Sophisticated VR allows users to make-believe.  Multiplayer, massive communities, realistic, exciting, and immersive.  Value drivers of modern cinema , plus player immersion inside plots – which will include adult entertainment.  Bend physics, time & space in a Holodeck 


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