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"Thought Controlled" Electric Wheelchair

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FIRST TEST:  "Thought Controlled" Electric Wheelchair

I was curious if, in a day, I could hack together a system that could use brain electrical signals to control a vehicle...


This is similar to what IBMer Josh Carr did to do a thought controlled BB8 droid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-4mp_e5v4A.


Video below is first test.  System needs a little damping - and I think I may need to increase my midichlorians -  - but the basics are in place.




First Test of the EEG Sensor Signals Controlling the Electric Wheelchair

My driving sucks, but i'm also on my third glass of wine...


Rough Schematic showing sequence of control

  1. think and control from human
  2. Emotiv epoc receives signal
  3. Emotiv system thresholds 'map' signals to keystrokes f b l r
  4. Keystrokes sent to laptop (ouput  as keystroke)
  5. Arduino serial monitor listening - receives keystrokes https://github.com/rustyoldrake/arduino_random_bits/blob/master/telekinetic.ino
  6. Arduino drives LEDs and also pulls lines low in relay -
  7. Coils induce magnetism for controls of electic wheelchair
  8. Wheelchair moves




Hand Wound Coils driven by arduino stimulate controls of electric wheelchair




Home Stretch:  Wearing EEG just after First Test





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