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Let's Play with a GRAPH DATABASES

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Let’s Play with Graph Databases!


IBM Launched something here in GA (General Availability) - https://developer.ibm.com/bluemix/2016/07/27/graph-service-now-generally-available/ so let’s poke at it!

As the article says “Graph databases are increasingly popular ‘NoSQL databases’, having a different approach to data storage and retrieval. Unlike traditional relational databases, which require potentially complex queries to work with data relationships, a graph database stores data and relationships. In simple terms, a graph database is a database management system where relationships between data points are as important as the data points themselves.” If you need a little more – this is a helpful primer – http://www.linkeddatatools.com/introducing-rdf


Step 0 - Let’s go to Bluemix –

It’s IBM’s free Platform as a Service – the thing on which all the API’s ‘live’ https://console.ng.bluemix.net/ (Free Trial for 30 days)

Ok - now, let’s not read the rest of the blog or instructions and see if we can wing it  (if you get stuck, go to the proper developer blog above, it’s got a step by step)


Step 1 – Bluemix Dashboard – Click on “Services and APIs”

Step 2 – Scroll through all of the icons until you get to “Data and Analytics”.

  • Watson
  • Mobile
  • DevOps
  • Web and Application
  • Network
  • Integration
  • Data and Analytics  <------ (This one!)
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Business Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • APIs


Step 3 – Click on IBM Graph Icon



Step 4 – Click on CREATE


Step 5 – Click OPEN





Step 7 – Wait 10 seconds (Scroll down a little)




Step 9 – Select sample Query (LIST OR VIZ) and the EXECUTE with Click ARROW Top Right – and see lists or D3 Style Graphs appear


Step 10 – Hero Moment - Admire your work!  ;)


that was pretty easy - nice UX team Graph!


Conclusion - this was a nice little 'taster' to get familiar with Graph DataBase

  • Deployment was easy and intuitive (and free)

  • Data Sample right at fingertips

  • Code shown - so good to get to know syntax

  • Only took about 10m

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