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Really Great D3 Site on Hacker News

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Really Great Site: Learn how to make Data Visualizations with D3.js

Saw this on hacker news > https://www.dashingd3js.com/data-visualization-and-d3-newsletter/data-visualization-and-d3-newsletter-issue-49 by this fellow.  Very nice:

D3.js Tutorial Part 1 - From Zero to Binding Data 

  1. Why Data Visualizations
  2. Why build Data Visualizations with D3.js
  3. The Data Visualization Process
  4. Basic Building Blocks
  5. D3.js First Steps
  6. Adding a DOM element
  7. Adding an SVG element
  8. Binding Data to DOM Elements
  9. Using Data Bound to DOM Elements

D3.js Tutorial Part 2 - Using Data to Create Data Visualizations 

  1. Creating SVG Elements Based on Data
  2. Using the SVG Coordinate Space
  3. Data Structures D3.js Accepts
  4. Using JSON to Simplify Code
  5. SVG Basic Shapes and D3.js
  6. SVG Paths and D3.js
  7. Dynamic SVG Coordinate Space
  8. D3.js Scales
  9. SVG Group Element and D3.js
  10. SVG Text Element
  11. D3.js Axes


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