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The Cognitive Periodic Table

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Cognitive Periodic Table

goofing around with the idea of a "Cognitive Periodic Table" as a potential prop for storytelling and introducing AI/Cognitive to Enterprise stakeholders

I'm still not sure if this is a good idea - or even helpful ;) but thought i'd get it out for friends to kick tires .


Key ideas here - very much a work in progress

  • Atomic / Granular (at top) to complex at bottom
  • Upper layers composed to make lower layers
  • Data (strucutred and unstructured) applies more to certain tools in 'verticals' - left generally structured / classic analytics; right unstructured
  • Series in orange at bottom are the catalists for applying Cognitive Tools - e.g. Culture, Vision, Design Thinking - not technical, not data, but a key ingredient




*ideas presented here are my own and do not necesssarily represent those of my employer

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Ryan Anderson

Hi! I like to play with data, analytics and hack around with robots and gadgets in my garage. Lately I've been learning about machine learning.

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