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Immersive Insights - Best Fit Use Cases

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Immersive Insights and Visual presentation of data (video below) is very cool - but beyond the initial cool factor, I've been noodling some rough ideas on  Use Cases and factors that would contribute to a best fit of this technology and solution patterns - for long term usefulness and value creation. 

Jotted some down below - not complete... b


Key Questions:

  1. What are "Best Fit" use Cases for Immersive Insights / Augmented Reality presentation of Data and Knowledge
  2. Who is the primary user?  What is their unmet need?  What problem are we trying to solve?   How can a team justify ROI on tech investment?
  3. Why use Augmented Reality vs. Flat Screen? 
  4. When are iPhone/tablets a better fit than (expensive) AR headsets?
  5. What is the data / knowledge to be presented?  Does it 'fit' well with this medium?


Best Fit Factors

  • DATA DISCOVERY for DECISION SUPPORT - assumption (need to validate that) this is a Data Discovery use, that also ties out to actionable insights
  • Clear Benefits of VISUAL / SPATIAL presentation of data.  Some examples of how Ayasdi is doing it here https://www.ayasdi.com/blog/ with TDA
    • Spatial / Temporal presentation of information is more likely to lead to "aha" moments
    • Shared 'mental model' (shared perspective / visuals) - e.g. having 4 people see the same data and interact
    • Memory and persistance
  • REMOTE ENGAGEMENT - have a new york SME join 2 analysts in San Francisco
  • NON OBVIOUS - Deep Learning and analytics tools are pretty good at surfacing signals and relationships - so one question is, when will a HUMAN VIEWER still be necessary for navigating knowledge?
  • VERBAL COMMAND AND CONTROL - assumption (tbd) that Verbal Command and Control , and Verbal Interrogation of Data / Models will make the UI UX flow much better
  • DEMOCRATIZE DATA - make this experience 'natural' and accessible not to PHDs and Analysts, but to CXOs and leadership.  Users are not Analysts only,



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