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EEG Brain Waves to Unity Sphere Control

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EEG Brain Waves to Unity Sphere Control

Watching the original Iron Man with the family tonight got the creative juices going - so figured I'd have a bit of fun with kids.  Did a simple INTEGRATION of the Emotive



Here is the Emotiv Epoc https://www.emotiv.com/epoc/ - it's a nice little consumer grade - 14 channel EEG reader - with software that permits KEYSTROKE mapping


Steps were:

  1. Build a Basic Unity Project // Model - Four walls, bouncy ball with gravity and bounce
  2. C# Control Script to 'nudge' on receiving keystroke from Emotive - e.g. { this.GetComponent<Rigidbody> ().AddForce (new Vector3 (force, 0, 0)); }
  3. Emotiv - map keys to A< D>  W (up)  S (down) and SPACE (bump) - to left/right blink, clench is bump - brow up and down for W and S
  4. Put the EEG headset on and test keystrokes in Notepad
  5. Off you go


Didnt calibrate or damp much, but the results were 'sufficient' for a movie multitask :)




Here's the super basic C# code for Unity that accepts the keystrokes mapped in Emotive to the Unity System


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