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Enterprise AR: Better than Flat Screen?

POSTED IN: Data Analytics & Visualization Blog

Why Augmented Reality +AI for Data Discovery?

Initial Thoughts:

(1) IBM Watson / AI allows for verbal interrogation of data - “conversations with data” &  “listen to data"  

(2) voice driven data discovery democratizes access to data (beyond data scientists/analysts) and better UX
(3) AR/II/Watson is better than huddling around a flat screen BECAUSE…
    (a) complex and high dimensional data discovery requires extra dimension
    (b) medium can engage multiple people working with data and models - 'many hands & many eyes'
    (c) using spatial parts of human brain helps with memory and comprehension of data shape and models.
    (d) the entire room, or space, becomes your canvass 
    (e) you can continue using your notes, accessing your desktop, making eye contact
Supplemental From a Wise Friend
" (4) AR is better than a flat screen when the data is inherently multidimensional or spatial.
  (5) Using a 2d representation for 3d data increases cognitive load, requiring the user to transform the visualization to fit their mental model.
  (6) A 3d representation frees up cognitive resources for what really matters - understanding the data and gaining insights.

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