Food Science - Tastes and Smells

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Food Science - Tastes and Smells


I often use the metaphor of CAKE BAKING to describe the composition of ingredients (tools/models/data) and recipes (patterns, code) to create small cupcakes of data insights, or wedding cake systems.

In this "raw ideas" blog - I put down a few few thoughts about going the other way - FOOD SCIENCE


Plates of Food;  Cans of Sauce,  Ingredients in the Pantry, guidance from the cook books - and the supermarket aisle.   Data Science meets food science.



So who cares about the delicious fork full of food, and whether your brain is going to light up with delight - or not.

  1. Food Scientists - Manufacturers
  2. Scent Scientists - Flavour and Perfume Factories
  3. Consumer / Shopper (mom or dad)
  4. Chefs & Culinary Influencers (restaurant, catering company)
  5. Data Scientist (if supporting below)
  6. Farmers, Growers, Primary Producers


Data Sources & Ground Truth

  • Recipe Books (Classic Blends)
  • Chef Watson
  • Food Science Basics (chemistry)
  • Social Media - new combinations, new trends (by geo / group / etc)
  • Factory Floor - Prior BLends (and sales / uptake)
  • Food Science Test Kitchen  / Test Tasters (subjective)
  • On the Tongue (all consumers)
  • ON the Nose (all consumers)
  • Stores - Point of Sale Combinations (what spices, ingredients, etc. are being bought togeher - trending in Berkeley?)


Value and Innovation - ROI Positive?

  • New combinations (flavour explorsion!)
  • New experiences (trying new things, spices, foods) & consumer insights
  • Expanding Palette - leading a new wave of food science
  • Extracting Meaningful Insights from "Dark Data" (e.g. review 10 years of research tasting notes, or customer feedback)
  • Product & Brand extensions (tweak, tune established foods)
  • New lenses to look at data - old data and cross pollinated data - better understanding of tastes and tastes...



Other Links / Prior Works


Coffee Flavour Recommender

Wine Pairing Recommender


Chef Watson (Mature)


Cognitive Bartender








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