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AR 5G Signal Strength

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  • Jake Madden
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Proof of Concept:  Augmented Reality - Signal Strength Visualization for Wifi / LTE and 5G (Drone Survey)

Project Skittles is exciting, because it demonstrates the value of:



Drone Surveys WIFI Signal Strength and AR Visualize

JUne 21 2019 Test


 <LINK>  Magic Leap POC


SurveyCopter (Photo Credit Jay Griffin)


Loaded Drone with Gear - Test Flight #1


POC at IBM Watson West (LTE Data)


Demonstration / Value


Point cloud , anchored to physical location


Data Sources (Real world)

  • WIFI Signal Strength Level
  • LTE Signal Strengh Level
  • Ping Test
  • X Y Z coordinates (For above)


Attenuation in Weather? (explore & visualize) - fog, rain and drizzle

source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/engineering/atmospheric-attenuation


Mapping Options:

  • Manual (MAC)
  • Manual (Raspberry PI with a button - and some 1m resolution locator - GPS or other localized data)
  • Drone - fly drone 8 X 8 X 3  (think about three chess boards) - taking measurements

Actionable Insights: 

  • Adjust mesh antennas (rotate, relocate, or add more) to ensure sufficient coverage across physical space.
  • Modify Policies to ensure choke points are prioritizing network or compute that is priority


     Post It Credit :) - Jenna G.




Trade Show WIFI Visualized - June 2019



Started with Dummy Data... then





     Make believe heat map...



... Real Data - Mapping Signal Strength for Real

mac terminal >

while x=1; do /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport -I | grep CtlRSSI; sleep 0.5; done

wifi SSI - you can script, or just walk around your room and holler to your friend the coordinates and 'level'


Test Flight #2 (Jay Griffin) - Drone Programmed in Node Red to Survey and Get signal strength


BIll of Materials


1x Tello-EDU drone $99
* Be sure it is the "EDU" version of the drone. It allows for easier wireless connectivity for accessing the flight SDK

recommended accessories:
spare propellers $4
spare battery $19
battery charging hub $25

1x(3x) Raspberry PI Zero W $10
for $10 ea. spares are good

I got this kit for a bit more which covered most accessories $60

1x GPS breakout card $40

Other items

wire spools (4 colors needed, 6 in the pack) $16

Solder $8

iron $22

solder wick (recommended if soldering novice, mandatory if expert.... or so I'm told) $3

Really short usb cable: $6 (important for weight and mounting balance)
total ~$300 depending on replacement part insurance.




Prior Work (Pre-POC) - Proof of Concept (Magic Leap)

thanks Jake Madden!

Jake did a POC > he "created a test Magic Leap Unity project that reads in the csv file and creates colored spheres of sizes corresponding to the strength value and similar color scheme to the example table... captured a short video demonstrating on the ML1. It doesn't factor in walls for occlusion presently but could and demonstrates the idea."


Video Demo

The video is around 80mb:


What Next 1?

Weather, Humidity, Pollutants, Altitude impact on propogation and models




What Next 2?


  • Mini-Project 1 - MANUAL MAP - Do some REAL WORLD signal strength mapping (hand hold a Mac, or phone) and manually create a (A) WIFI Strength ;  (B) LTE / 4G Signal Strength
  • Mini-Project 2 - DRONE Survey - program a drone to SURVEY an area - 1 meter grid coordinates, measure, move , measure, move (could also be a ROOMBA)
  • Mini-Project 3- Explore 3D mesh of Room / Enviroment  (thanks Joe P!) https://www.6d.ai/ APIs for Augmented Reality and the AR Cloud. With just a smartphone camera, 6D.ai's SDK creates a 3D mesh of the world around you. App developers can easily relocalize multiple cross-platform players into the same coordinate system. Objects remain persistent across sessions while respecting occlusion (JP > for "signal strength demo could be that you only see the spheres that are within your view")
  • Mini-Project 4 - GHOST Protocol - visualizing an after-image for security or perimiter monitoring
  • Mini-Project 5  - overlay multiple frequencies - e.g. 5G and LTE and WIFI on same viz (find juicy network in a stadium or event)

IBM Watson Studio



IBM Immersive Data:



For Later:

Dial and call "*3001#12345#*" to enter iOS Field Test mode.






Guess which WIFI node our MAC was connected to?  :)







Finding Hidden Cells Phones in Prisons



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