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Using R Programming Language to Generate Mandelbrot set and images

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I was playing around with R tonight, and came across a tight little bit of code on the WIkipedia page for R, to generate a Mandelbrot set.  It is below.  I needed to lighten up a few of the loops and variables, (it threw an error at 250mb vector size initially, but I'm sure there is a memory setting somewhere to crank up if you're keen on the resolution.

## Source Code from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R_(programming_language)  - second example (I modified a couple of the variables to not crash my old laptop)

library(caTools)         # external package providing write.gif function
jet.colors <- colorRampPalette(c("#00007F", "blue", "#007FFF", "cyan", "#7FFF7F",
                                 "yellow", "#FF7F00", "red", "#7F0000"))


#m <- 1200                # define size - MODIFIED TO LIGHTEN UP
m <- 800  # went smaller because 171mb vector size error-ed out

C <- complex( real=rep(seq(-1.8,0.6, length.out=m), each=m ),
              imag=rep(seq(-1.2,1.2, length.out=m), m ) )
C <- matrix(C,m,m)       # reshape as square matrix of complex numbers
Z <- 0                   # initialize Z to zero
X <- array(0, c(m,m,20)) # initialize output 3D array

#for (k in 1:20) {        # loop with 20 iterations  MODIFIED TO 10 - ERROR WENT AWAY
for (k in 1:10) {        # loop with  to see if smaller better - 10 ok; 15 too much
  Z <- Z^2+C             # the central difference equation
  X[,,k] <- exp(-abs(Z)) # capture results
write.gif(X, "Mandelbrot.gif", col=jet.colors, delay=1000)

## gif is multi-image, be patient if you just see a blob to begin


Background on the Mandelbrot Set

The Mandelbrot set is a mathematical set of points whose boundary is a distinctive and easily recognizable two-dimensional fractal shape. The set is closely related to Julia sets (which include similarly complex shapes), and is named after the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, who studied and popularized - Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandelbrot_set 

  • The Mandelbrot set is defined as the set of all points c such that the above sequence does not escape to infinity.
  • the Mandelbrot set is just a set of complex numbers. A given complex number c either belongs to M or it does not. A picture of the Mandelbrot set can be made by colouring all the points c that belong to M black, and all other points white. The more colourful pictures usually seen are generated by colouring points not in the set according to how quickly or slowly the sequence |P_c^n(0)| diverges to infinity

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