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A group of "ultra-newbies" are about to learn R - care to join us?

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Greetings!  My name is Ryan - I'm a co-founder of Dream to Learn (an online learning platform that helps members build learning communities, 


If you are interested in learning R programming language, but don't know where to start - WELCOME!




We'd love to have you join our motley crew as we figure out how to muddle through together (like having a Gym Buddy to motivate you - but probably with less shouting ;)

  • Learn the basics of R Programming Language ( get it installed, run some very simple scripts) 
  • Share knowledge and resources (we'll probably do some Google Hangouts)
  • Have fun!

The Dream to Learn platform (totally free) is still in beta - its pretty solid, but evolving, so we're also keen to have people join that can be a little patient if things are not perfect.

If interested, check out the Discussion Room > https://dreamtolearn.com/data_analytics_viz/r_newbies or leave a comment below.  At the moment (late January) we're helping a few folks get R and R Studio installed.  Then we'll do some examples, and also can share if anyone has preferred MOOC's and Resources ( Linked IN forum has some good lists)




Update:  good first session on Feb 2nd!

We're going to meet Sunday evenings - 730pm PT = 1030pm ET  here: https://dreamtolearn.com/data_analytics_viz/r_newbies

we'd love to see you there next week!




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