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Organizing Content in this Community (first thoughts)

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Organizing Content: First Thoughts

I've been putting some thought into how we might structure this community - at least initially, until more members join and help to give it shape.

First, I thought about one interpretation of typical process: 

  1. Acquisition
  2. Parsing/Merging
  3. Filtering/Cleaning/Scubbing
  4. Mining/Analyzing
  5. Representing / Visualizing
  6. Refining
  7. Interacting

Then, I started to think about other ways to bucket the data.  From my prior work on 77 Data Visualization Tools - there was a natural separation between pure viz / graphics; and programming languages; and data cleaning tools.  As I started to google around, and build up a framework, my friend Wes emailed over the link below.

 Andy Kirk is a UK-based freelance data visualisation design consultant - does a great job of breaking the category up on his site Visualizing Data.  A subset of Andy's list includes tools:

  • Charting, Analyzing, Exploring Data
  • Multivariate and Network Viz
  • Getting & Handling Data
  • Sites and services to Access Data
  • Programming Languages, Toolkits and Libraries
  • Mapping Visualizations
  • Books

This is helpful.  So after some thought, the next community asset I'll compile will be a list of Tools for Finding, Getting, Handling and Filtering data - from screen scraping, to google refine and excel for cleaning, to R imports and exports, to public data sets (google public data, government etc)




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