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Study Group for the Coursera MOOC: Computing for Data Analysis (Part 2) - Video Review

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As part of the Study Group for Coursera MOOC > Johns Hopkins University > Computing for Data Analysis  (it's a free course) - there are some GREAT VIDEOS available.  I'm working my way through a few of them so we can discuss together (which ones are worth while, for our goals)

Summary of Videos - Week 1

WELCOME > Background on Roger Peng (nice chap!  probably can skip) 

What makes R Different  (Watch at 1.5 speed :)
Good for setting the stage / big picture.  
(I usually watch these at 1.5x speed)

How to get help (Probably Skip)
"google is your friend" - paste error message in google
if you've got a problem, read the documentation (or ask this group) - if you have a need - worth watching this to learn protocol for who/how to ask communities

Background & Overview  (11-14 minutes is worth watching - 0-8 minutes is history lesson if desired)
Nice little History lesson 0-8 minutes
11-14 minutes - good overview starts (worth a quick peek)

Data Types (Required Viewing :)
Starts the 'education'  the 'nitty gritty'




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