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Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) / Spectral Analysis in R? -> aka plot(beer)

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A couple of years ago I built an advance warning system for earthquakes using some arduinos and some very sensitive geophones provided by friends in the oil and gas sector (Alberta) - was a neat little set up that was VERY sensitive - with the intention of alerting when the P Wave hit, hopefully with some warning, before the S Secondary wave arrives (I live on Hayward Fault in SFO) - the delta P and S depends on how far away from epicenter the array is.

Anyway - long story short - I found a nice little piece of code to run on arduinos that did a tight little FFT that helped limit the false positives.

I'm curious how "R" will do with similar data - so going to try a few things from here:


Looks like TSA and FFT packages are a good place to start.


Update > FFT Package refused to install on my version or R 3.0.2, so trying TSA


Update 2 Below (this one is for you Dan and Jay)

So confirming what we already know - that people drink more beer in the hot summer ;) 

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