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Super Awesome Times Table Topo

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well "super awesome" may be a bit of a stretch, but I had fun taking the times table conversation one step further.  Aka "times table volcano edition"

  • Step 1:  Generate the N X N Matrix (e.g. 12 X 12) in R using various methods
  • Step 2:  Run then demo(image) that's part of the GRAPHICS package and shows topo image (below) of Maunga Whau Volcano.
  • Step 3: Jam the NXN Matrix into the graphics demo - replacing the Volcano with our math eruption - and tweak code to get it to look right

Nothing fancy here for the experienced R user, but great practice for a Newbie (like me) in taking existing code and re purposing it for other things.

Code Posted here: https://dreamtolearn.com/doc/APQ4O6M3THUKJGML28WYDCHO4

happy coding!

Method #2 - David Berry from LinkedIn discussion group suggested this elegant solution (his code posted on LinkedIn group and reposted with the other code;  Method #3 from Justin Veenstra, using Hmisc Library

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