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Another Asset! 22 Data Tools - Cleaning, Filtration & Organization

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22 Data Tools - Cleaning, Filtration and Organization




I've started a rough draft of another asset for the community - it's "22 Data Tools - Cleaning, Filtration and Organization".  

It's still quite rough around the edges - but I hope it will get a conversation going on three key points:

  1. Content: What's missing from this list?  I suspect there will be another dozen or two tools that come up in comments.  Hoping for lots of "have you seen ABC tool" - to crowdsource the list
  2. Layout: There is still work to be done on ranking, layout and filtering.  In an ideal world, the table would have a 'vote up/down' component to grade best tools.  that said, many of these are apples/oranges, so tough to compare to each other
  3. Citations: Much of the initial content in this community is expected to be a 'list of list' or 'meta-ABC' format (meta-Mooc, meta-list) - and I'd like to get some community feedback on what we think proper methodology for citations is.  Line by line credits?   For now, where a substantial portion of any document has been taken from another source, I've cited it in the document with link.

Please have a look and let me know what you think: https://dreamtolearn.com/doc/1TZDJ4WSYDXYGC4GQ4XOAIS3L - and if you know a lot about these tools, and are interested in being a co-author, please ping me - I'd be pleased to have someone ride shotgun.





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