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PIE - Political Intelligence Engine (Experiment / Proof of Concept)

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PIE - Political Intelligence Engine (Experiment / Proof of Concept)  

About a year ago, I started playing around with Data Aggregation in the Political Space.  A few months into the project, I met some sharp CS Students from UC Berkeley at a Science Hack Day event.   We've been playing around, on and off, with this concept for a while.  Aggregating Data (mostly Twitter feeds, but hooks for more) from UK politics and then pulling it together in a format that might interest politicos.   Considering for next steps (1) "Pointing" the solution at US Federal or State politics, possibly adding special interest groups and (2) going much deeper on the Viz with D3 and similar tools.  Exploring. 

If you are interested in joining this 'hobby' project, feel free to ping me!  The more the merrier! 



"The Political Intelligence Engine is an exploratory project that seeks to build an engine that will aggregate domain-specific information (in this case, UK Politics) in one place, and deliver meaningful insight and value to users who are passionate about the domain. If you have an interest in UK politics, we're not a bad place to start. You can drill down and learn more about a certain MP, Lord, or Media person who is active in politics. Soon, you will also be able to drill down by issue. At the moment, much of the data comes from Twitter, but we plan to expand to include many other public data sources. We don’t control the data sources and we have been known to make a mistake now and then, so please enjoy your PIE with care!"


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