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Sentiment analysis of #tarsands and #enbridge following Kitimat vote

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I've dabbled a little with Twitter as a data source - like on the Political Intelligence Engine project we did a while ago - but I've never been at the sharp end of sourcing the data. Until today :) 

In BC Canada, where I'm from, there have been some headlines on a vote in Kitimat regarding a proposed pipeline from Alberta's Tar (Bitumen) Sands, to the coast of BC for export. 

So I dug around on http://www.r-bloggers.com/ and found some excellent articles on how to get rolling with Twitter Data sourcing, scrubbing, and a basic visualization.  

R Source Code: https://dreamtolearn.com/doc/4LOWJ5X49D4EKMRJ1TO5IZ395  

First pass results are below - please note

  • The "Sentiment" rating is the software's (not mine!)  :) 
  • I'm not putting forward any position on the (complex) issue - I was mainly curious about how the tools could be brought together to provide some insight into one part of public dialogue at one point in time




I'm quite new to applying these tools, so if you have experience with them (or thoughts on how to present the data differently) would love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks to all  the code and library authors that created these tools.




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