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Topological Data Analysis for the Working Data Scientist - What Next?

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Fellow TDA Newbies....

Event Tonight:  http://www.meetup.com/Data-Mining/events/171138172/ - sponsored by Ayasdi. Nice talk.

For "What next" - if you'd like to join us - jump into https://dreamtolearn.com/data_analytics_viz/r_newbies and introduce yourself - or you can message me if interested in learning more, doing more, or just for a "where the heck do I start" question.

We usually meet Sundays at 8pm PTZ - Google Hangout online - learning by doing.  Very informal.   

Will see if we have a critical mass of folks 


Self-Organising Maps for Customer Segmentation using R  

February 3, 2014 - R BLoggers Repost By shanelynn


"Self-Organising Maps (SOMs) are an unsupervised data visualisation technique that can be used to visualise high-dimensional data sets in lower (typically 2) dimensional representations..."

Ryan > This looks really interesting, going to see about getting stuck into this , this week...

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